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Fields are OPEN

Fields are open

Upcoming Matches

Premier Mens
MFC v Caboolture Sports FC
Sat 16th May 5.00pm

Premier Womens
MFC v Coolum
Fri 19th June 8.15pm

Here we go, here we go, here we go!


Mad Mex

Just letting all our families know that part of our partnership deal with Mad Mex includes a 10% discount on all orders. Please enquire within the store at Sunshine Plaza. And our new coaches shirts look great - thanks Mad Mex!


Parent Education - Things to say from the sideline:

Keep it!   Not   Kick it!
Take players on   Not   Big kick
Don't give it away   Not   Get rid of it
Take it yourself   Not   Stop being a hog
And most importantly on the car ride home just tell them how much you enjoy watching them play rather than what they did wrong!



Referee course info here

Coaching Courses info here



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Mad Mex

10% Discount for all MFC families, simply enquire when ordering...

Grading Weekends

For all junior competitive teams grading weekends occur on Sat...

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